So… Again, I’m pondering….  Today I’m pondering what it would be like to haf had kids.  I think I wud haf made a great dad. ( I also think I wud haf made any female that wud let me … (humans DO NOT react…. I said “that wud “LET” (as in ALLOW)  me..”  #me too–I’m no wolf, I assure you).   Anyway, I wud love to haf had little Jacks and Jills running around, pulling at my tail, licking my nose, yipping when they were hungry… I heard nothing is bedder than puppy breath.  I wish I cud haf known that in my life time.  I wud haf liked to play ball with them, to haf shown them how to get belly rubs frum their humans, how to play tug of war with your human’s socks, how to beg in a way that humans are riddled with guilt, how to do “sad” eyes, how to howl when you’re humans are watching “The Voice”,  basically…. I wud haf liked to teach them “the ropes”… So I just want to get this out there.  I wud haf made a great dad.  I’m sure whoever the mom turned out to be would haf made a great dame too.  #never had the chance.

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