Cheez pleeze!

Fifi, this littul poodle-maltese-coon hound mix up the street (her mother was no lady), stopped me and my mom while we were walking last evening and asked me if I liked cheeze. I am a dog. Hello?… I like anything that has to do with food. I said yes and she proceeded to tell me where there wuz sum up and acrozz the road a bit by this skool. She said it must haf come from someone’s lunch box ( She told me in dog speak so mom didn’t understand it.) I thanked Fifi, gave her a butt sniff and then, in my own subtle way, changed course and lead my mom across the road (looking both wayz whun we crossed of courze…). Well I started smelling it when we wur about 50 yards away (I’m talking front yards). I picked up my step a bit and kind of started pulling mom along with me (it got to a healthy trot speed). She must haf known sumething wuz up cuz she stopped and pulled me back to her by yanking on my harness. I tried eferything from sad eyez to hanging my head to sitting looking into space while wagging my tail (so she wud think I cud take or leave walking to the skool) but nothing wurked. My reverse psykology failed me.

Now I don’t normally drool but I will tell you that I wuz drooling. Ooooo la la. The thought of getting hold of sum cheeze wuz almust too much to bare. Next thing I know mom turns me arund and sez we wur going home. NO! NOOOOOOO! OH PLEEEEZE NO! But… home we went. I wuz really deprussed. My head wuz low the entire walk home. When we got home mom went into the kitchun. Do you know what? She didn’t come back with my normal milk bone or beef jerky or liver treat…. nope this time she came back with a piece of CHEEZE!! Can you belief it?? How did she know? I was like, body wagging, smiling and all happy. Did she find the lunch box? She never ceases to amaze me. Boy I love my mom (even more than that piece of cheeze I inhaled). Life is good.

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