What I Did Today

Here’s whut I did today: (aktually it wuz yesterday)
1) Got up, stretched, did a few circles and immeediatly laid back down.
2) Mom got up, so then I got up, stretched, circled and laid down in the kitchen while she made me breakfust.
3) After 6 minutes or so I ate. (it takes awhile for The Honest Kitchen dehydrated food to re-hydrate (mom adds hot water and stirs it a lot), then she heated up my cooked ground turkey, gave me my probiotic, canine dermul powder and my vitamuns and a scoop of pumpkin and served me .
4) After breakfust I went out to do my morning constitushional.
5) Came back in, Mom wiped my paws and behind, I grabbed my somewhat still stuffed duck and then we went back to bed and watchud the today show. (I really like Hoda Copy)
6) I jumped down off the bed and laid on the floor.
7) Mom got up and showered and I laid on the floor in the bathrum and waided for her.
8) Mom got dressed, I laid on the floor of the bedroom and then we went to the store so I got to go fer a ride in the car!!! I luf cold weathur cuz I get lotz of car rides (I don’t in the summer).
9) We made seferal stops and I enjoyed the pretty day (mom puts the back windowz down fer me as we are driving. I don’t pup my head out or anythung I just sit in the back seat smelling the air)…. we went by Fifi’s houze…. I knew.
10) We went to four storz looking for a special sauze mom needed so she could make dinner tonight for her deer friends Barb and Heywood (she had a pacifik rezipe in mind).
11) I sat in the car looking arund at all the diffurent peeble walking by. Some stopped to say hello to me. No one stuck their hund into the car to pet me… (I guezz they didn’t want to be licked to death.)
11) She cudn’t find whut she wuz looking for anywhur. She exclaimed it wuz a total waste of time. ( I knew she wud go home, go on the compuder to ordur it online and take that time away frum me doing my blog-whisperer blog for the day. sigh)
12) After mom went to the last store, Giant Fuds, to look fer her sauze, she walked me in the field near the store. I smelled lotz of new things and left my mark eferywhur.
12) We drove home, I circled a lot and then laid down and went to sleep.
13) I woke up and it wuz time fer me to eat.
14) Mom left with the grozeries to go and cook dinner for Barb and Heywood.
15) I watchud TV and slept.
16) Mom came home and we went fer my lazt walk of the day.
17) Jumped up on the bed, circled a lot and went to sleep. Dreamt about that stoopid cat. I think I need to see a dog sychologust for PTSD.

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