“Woody” the woodpecker….

Jack’s blog:
So I hurd this pecking and hammering and pecking and hammering coming frum the back yard today. I got up off the sofa, stretched, jumped down and went to see what thiz noize wuz that wuz disrupting my sleep. I saw thiz bird in a tree outback pecking away at thiz branch. Mom hurd it too. She looked out and told me it wuz a red-headed wudpecker. She said they peck 20 timez pur secund. That is FAZT! **Whew** So then I pondered 😀…. are their heads red so they don’t see the blood? There haz to be blood with all that head pounding, right?? What iz the purpoze of thum doing all that pounding anyway? If thiz is all they are to do with their lives, why didn’t God give them helmutz? so I pondered again 🤔…. maybe God saw that helmutz didn’t protekt the futbull playerz which is why He didn’t gif them to the wudpeckerz? Then I pondered sum more 🤔…. do wudpeckerz get CTE? If they don’t thun maybe the futbull playerz doctorz shud study woodpeckerz and see whut it iz thut protekz thur brainz and put that arund the brainz of futbull playerz…. hmmmm 🤔……. I decided I had had enuf eggsitement fer one day so I stretched and made my way back to the sofa. I jumped up, circled a bit, got just to the purfekt spot and laid back down. Then az I wuz juzt abut to fall asleep again I woke up. I had the biggust ponder of all. Why wud my mom know that a wudpecker pecks 20 timez per secund? Whut game show wuz she on that made her haf to lurn that? “I’ll have wudpeckerz for $1000 Alex…” **sigh** that pecker haz now cauzed me more lack of sleep…..

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