Jack’s wisdom

So becuz it appears my blogs have a lot uf wisdom in them, several of my dog friends haf texted me asking if we cud start a “cut to the chase place” chat room about things that are bothering thum  (they feel my infinite wisdom might be uf some help to thum working through thur issues.)  I think that’s a good idea as I’d like to know what’s eating at thum (other than mites, fleas and ticks)…. so… as of now, the “room” is officially open.  I expect the requests to be numerous so if you could keep it on “point”, I will answer yer issues in the ordur they were received (unless I haf no way uf knowing that order at wich point I will get to them whenever…)  For the humans who were wondering if I am truly equipped to help thur dogs, yes.  I am a graduate of PetSmart University (PU) and hold three degrees:  Beginner, Advanced and Intermediate.  (also, whun I wuz a pup I went to the vet and got tutored).

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